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We will help develop the skills of your employees in blockchain development.

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Custom courses to order

Our company has been developing in the blockchain field for more than six years. And at one time we faced the problem of growth - there are few talented developers on the market.

Therefore, one of the solutions was to train programmers according to our needs. This is how our internship programs came about — we help developers move to smart contract development, and then we provide them with work.


From our own experience, we know how much effort has to be made to cover the need for the right specialists. Especially if it needs to be done quickly. Therefore, we are ready to help with the retraining of your specialists.

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Many, like ourselves, understand that it is much more profitable to train current employees with the necessary skills than to look for new ones for specific tasks. This approach gives an advantage over competitors and reduces the cost of finding employees.

As part of corporate training, we create courses for each client based on their business objectives.

Directions of education

In what areas are we teaching? Upon your request, we can create:

Contact us and we will develop a course program to provide your employees with the necessary skills

Development courses

For example, smart contract developer, Flutter, GO.

Management or administrative courses

For example project manager, analyst.

Design courses

For example, full-stack, web designer, UX/UI.

General courses to plunge into the specifics of this or that blockchain
Format features

Format features

For custom courses, we select experts who have the most relevant experience for you. Mentors for your employees during the training will be tech leads, developers, and project managers from Crypton Studio.

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What will we teach?

We will professionally cover all your company's needs. After training with us, your employees will learn:

  • Understand the concept of decentralization,
  • Flexibly adapt to changes in the blockchain,
  • Work with blockchains,
  • See growth points for self-development.
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What is the learning format?

Lectures, practical tasks with a deadline, consultations with the current Tech Lead of Crypton Studio.

Flexible variation in duration: it can be an intensive course of a week, or it can be a full course of 1-2 months.

course development

How the course is developed for your request

We study your request
We hold a briefing with you: study your needs
We select our experts for the task
Choosing the right learning format
Conducting analysis and cust dev
We draw up a course program
We provide training
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